The art of filigree

25 April 2023

Continuing to draw our best creative vein from the world of jewelry…
This time, our designers are inspired by the art of filigree, in which thin gold threads, curved and intertwined are joined by skillful welding at the points where they meet. The result is a very delicate work, which creates an elegant effect of a perforated structure.

In this new capsule collection – which comes after the success of the line marked by precious zircons on the temples and anticipates the release of new models for the men’s line – this time it is the front of the eyewear that is decorated, while the temples are deliberately kept smooth and simple, so as to emphasize the fine workmanship that frames the lens.

The new Zoe, Elga and Luce models are available in shades of yellow gold, rose gold and silver. The metal combines with sun lenses in different color shades and with prescription lenses. The effect is one of lightness and luminosity.
A collection that manages to be elegant and sophisticated in its perfect simplicity.