I Bambini delle Fate

20 November 2023

Omas Design supports I Bambini delle Fate projects

I Bambini delle Fate is a social enterprise that since 2005 has been providing economic support to social inclusion projects and pathways run by associations and third sector organisations, targeting children and families with autism and other disabilities. The company is engaged in regular fundraising activities through the formation of supporter groups throughout Italy.
Through a capillary network of collaborators, it actively involves entrepreneurs and citizens so that they ‘adopt by proximity’ and accompany an inclusion project over time.
The project we chose to adopt is ‘Agire oltre si può, farlo si deve‘, a social inclusion project in Treviso run by Associazione Liberamente Onlus.
He deals with school discomfort and learning difficulties. It welcomes children with unconventional, non-clinical methods, the principle is not to be problem-oriented but to go beyond: there are no dyslexic or hyperactive children, only children with different intelligences and different talents, with different ways of learning.
Omas Design supports beauty in all its forms: beauty is also understanding and respecting those whose diversity can enrich our lives.

Andrea and Franco Antonello